Bourbon Barons by Chester Zoeller

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The Golden Age of Distilling in Kentucky occurred during the last of the 1800s and the early 1900s. Hundreds of distilleries produced a wide spectrum of whiskies — Bourbons, both sweet and sour mash, rye, and multi-grain whiskies. Whiskey was not only a delightful drink; it was also thought to have medicinal benefits.

During this time, certain men stepped forward to claim their place in Kentucky's glorious distilling history. They were already outstanding members of their communities, but when they became involved in distilling, their contributions were magnified.

In Kentucky Bourbon Barons: Legendary Distillers from the Golden Age of Whiskey Making, author Chester Zoeller introduces readers to some of these outstanding gentlemen from Kentucky's past. Many of their names have been forgotten now because the five or six large, successful plants they were associated with were closed during Prohibition. Their contributions to Kentucky's distilling history will live on, however, thanks to Mr. Zoeller's dedication to preserving their memory in the pages of this book.

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