Castle & Key Pineapple Rocks Glass

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This custom glass was made by hand at the Pretentious Glass Co studio in Knoxville, TN.  The Castle & Key Rocks glass was designed collaboratively with Master Distiller, Marianne Barnes and Expert Glassblower, Matthew Cummings.  The shape is a traditional Lowball Glass, augmented by an increased weight and featuring a vintage glassblowing texture.  The texture is imprinted on the glass when it is the size of a large marble.  The bubble is quickly manipulated into the final shape by hand, before the texture is melted away from the extreme heat of the process.  This vintage texture harkens back to the glory of English Cut Crystal, but with a modern spin.  We believe that the craftsmanship in the glassware should echo the craft of a great bourbon.  This is formal wear for bourbon.

* Due to the hand crafted nature of this product, there is significant variation in size and detail from glass to glass.  This is to be expected and appreciated as a feature of the hand blown process.  Each glass is unique- kind of like a single barrel of bourbon!

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