Castle & Key Distillery

Rise 2022 Seasonal Gin


A Celebration of Our Spring Awakening

This seasonal gin affords us the time to reflect on our history while celebrating the seeds we’ve planted and continue to watch blossom and grow. While similar in approach to our Harvest Seasonal Gin release the flavors are often opposite highlighting the bright nature of Spring and Summer. The blossoming fields surrounding Castle & Key continue to inspire us and are a true testament to the vitality and vibrancy of the land which shine through in every sip of our Rise Seasonal Gin.  

Current Releases: 

Rise 2022 Seasonal Gin - 750ml - Available in-store and online

Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes

Starting from a base of our rye whiskey newmake, our Rise Seasonal Gin is vapor distilled with the goal of exhibiting dynamic Spring and Summer flavors from a range of distinct botanicals.  


Derived from our rye whiskey new make.


Juniper, Tarragon, Lemon Peel, Rose Petal, GreenPeppercorn, Almond, Green Cardamon, and Licorice


Candied lemon peel, almond cookie, peppercorn, sweet rose, fresh alfalfa, creamy vanilla, and a touch of mint.


Floral, peppery, pine, sweet licorice, marzipan, savory herbal, wintergreen, and graham cracker.


Short finish bringing herbal and peppery spice and punchy alcohol.


103 Alc/Vol - 51.5%