Castle & Key Distillery

Harvest Seasonal Gin


Cold Weather Abounds With Our Limited-Release Spirit for Autumn and Winter

One of our two rotating seasonal gins, our Harvest Seasonal Gin highlights the notes of fall and winter with a unique flavor profile representative of the seasons. After three years of seasonal releases, our team decided to transition our favorite recipes to limited-time offerings that would return year after year.  

Current Releases: 

Harvest Seasonal Gin - 750ml - Available in-store and online

Flavor Profile & Tasting Notes 

Starting from a base of our rye whiskey newmake, our Harvest Seasonal Gin is vapor distilled with the goal of harvesting dynamic Autumn and Winter flavors from a range of distinct botanicals.


Derived from our rye whiskey new make.


Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Star Anise, Cedar Leaf, Sumac, Fennel, and Bayleaf


Soft pine, bay leaf, and fresh cracked pepper up front, highlighted with a light array of berry compote, sweet anise, savory herbal notes, and a touch of tanginess


Fresh cedar, licorice, woodsy and earthy, with notes of tart dark berries, cinnamon, fennel, clove, and soft pepper


Sweet and spicy finish gives way to woody and mineral notes with lingering heat and light numbing


102 Alc/Vol - 51%